Laser 4 and 6

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. You will have to send the transmitter to our service department to have the frequency changed. The total cost is $14.95. This price includes shipping.

Q. Is there another manufacturer that has a radio that my transmitters trainer function is compatible with?

A. Hitec radios are trainer compatible with Hitec and Futaba systems. Use only the Hitec one-way trainer cord (PN 58310). Be aware you will need a comparable radio to use any mixing functions.

Q. What other receivers will my Laser work with?

A. The Flash radios are compatible with negative shift FM (PPM) receivers only.

Q. What is the maximum range of the Flash transmitter?

A. Approximately 2 miles, but we refer to it as "line of site." If you can see it, you can fly it!

Q. How do I do a range check?

A. With your transmitters antenna collapsed, walk away from your receiver until the servos start to jitter. You should get a minimum of 75ft. If you get significantly less we recommend that you do not fly until you isolate the problem.

Q. Can I use my peak charger to charge my transmitter?

A. The Eclipse is equipped with a diode for reverse polarity protection. This diode will interfere with the voltage detection of peak chargers. To use one of these chargers, the battery must be removed from the transmitter and connected directly to the charger. Hitec offers an adapter (PN 58307) for this purpose.

Q. Why does my transmitter battery pack only last for under a half hour?

A. Make sure that you always charge your battery with the provided charger when charging through the transmitter. If you use a quick charger or "peak detector" charger remove the pack from the transmitter or you will not get a full charge. The minimum time it will take to charge your batteries with the included wall charger is 12 hours. If the above has been followed and you still have short battery life, you may have a bad cell in the pack. Replace the pack in question.

Q. How do I use my transmitter in a buddy situation?

A. To use the transmitter for training purposes, you will need to purchase PN 58310. This is a one way Hitec trainer cord. Each end is designated. The one marked as the master plugs into the teacher transmitter and the one marked student plugs into the student transmitter.

The master transmitter must be on the same frequency as the receiver in the plane. Only the master transmitter requires a battery and to be switched on. The master will supply the student with power automatically, so the student transmitter does not require a battery nor does it have to be turned on. When the master transmitter's trainer switch is held down, the student then will have control of the plane. Once the switch is released, the master will then control the plane.

It is particularly important that the master and student transmitters are capable of the same functions. The reason for this is that the student only uses the RF section of the master. Any mixing, dual rates or other refinements are not carried over from the master to the student.