Lynx AM and FM

Q. Can I use Nicads in my Lynx AM radio?

A. Yes, you can use individual AA nicads. It is recommended that you use our CG-25 (Item# 43025) overnight charger.

Q. Is there a Nicad battery available for the Lynx FM?

A. Yes, unlike the AM, the Lynx FM has a port to plug in part# 57206.

Q. How can I change the frequency on my transmitter?

A. Simply swap out the crystals. Although you should try to stay as close as you can to the original channel for optimum performance.

Q. What other receivers will my Lynx work with?

A. You can use any manufacturers AM receiver with the Lynx AM or FM receiver provided you use the proper Hitec crystal.

Q. What is steering dual rate and how can it help me?

A. Steering D/R allows you to adjust how much travel your wheels have. The more travel you have the more steering you have, but sometimes too much travel can make your car over steer. The dual rated dial will allow you to adjust this to the point where your car handles the best in any condition.

Q. How does the SRO steering rate override button work?

A. Sometimes you will have your dual rate set so there is not much travel and you many run into situations where you need more travel at a certain part of the track. The SRO button gives you back full steering with one push. This can be very helpful in hairpin corners or getting away from the wall.

Q. The light on my transmitter will not come on and nothing is happening.

A. Check the battery tray and make sure the batteries are touching the contacts. Sometimes you have to push the batteries to make sure they contact. In extreme cases try wrapping the battery holder with electrical tape to help seal it together.